With a combined income of $7K,

the majority of HDB owners were able to 

purchase private properties in Singapore

without having to pay Extra Cash.

Is it time to Upgrade from a HDB to a private apartment?

Are You wondering ...  
- Is it possible for me to purchase a new condominium in Singapore?
- Do I make enough money to buy a condo?
- Is upgrading reserved for the wealthy only?
- Is it possible for me to look for a reasonably priced 2 or 3-bedroom condo in Singapore?

Most customers who earn $6k to $7k salaries came to me with the same questions first. However, with our thorough financial planning and step-by-step asset progression strategies, they have since comfortably revamped their investment maps for the next f5 to 10 years and have now purchased a condos or private property in Singapore.

Make your 

dream come true.

Arrange a FREE and NON-OBLIGATORY discussing session.

Act now for a financially-free future.

What we will provide:

A thorough review to provide you with a clear picture of your financial situation.

A way of measuring the financial condition in four phases, including legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duties, and other costs...

A detailed analysis of your budget and the variety of Condo rates you can afford.

The 5 "R" method for searching through the numerous real estate market options and selecting the property that best suits your needs.

A "roadmap" for real estate investment in the planned phases.

A CONSERVATIVE and ACHIEVABLE asset growth strategy for faster wealth accumulation.

The TOP 3 questions you will need to ask prior to actually investing in any properties.

How to attain HUGE potential and faster retirement with your assets.

Insights and the results from Actual LIFE cases!

I Have Almost Paid Off My HDB Fully, Why I Need To UPGRADE?

With all or a large portion of your CPF invested in your HDB flat...

You would not receive 2.5 percent interest if you leave it in the CPF.

and you accumulate interest of 2.5% on the CPF you utilized


every single year.

❌ ❌ ❌

As an example, if you put $250,000 CPF funds into your HDB, after 5 years, you lose $32,900 in interest earnings.

At the end of 5 years, when you sell your HDB , you'll have to return $282,900 to CPF, that is 
$32,900 less cash from your property sales proceeds.


So, how are you going to get out of this situation?
Make an appointment for a non-obligatory session to learn the facts!

Smartly increase your asset capital

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Daphne Tan

As a seasoned property agent since 2006, I recognise and value the trust my clientele places in me and I strive everyday to exceed their expectations. Specialising in resale market residentials and rented properties with a foothold in new launch projects, I can give you a concise overview of the current property market. I take pride in my extensive market knowledge and my unmatched devotion to finding your dream homes. With many years in the field, I am a highly esteemed agent recognised for my extraordinary achievement in (award).

Buying a home in Singapore is a complex, sophisticated and often deeply personal endeavour--but fret not! With my comprehensive knowledge of your needs and wants and your best interests in mind, my clients always win. The right home, suited to your needs for the ultimate quality of life, and all without the legwork of sifting through thousands of properties!

Not only that, I can help you achieve the best potential earnings! My client initially planned to upgrade from a 4-room to a 5-room HDB flat, but with my expertise, they are now proud owners of a brand new Executive Condominium penthouse!

I strive to provide the finest real estate service with true integrity and honesty to all our clients. Your experience with me will be nothing short of outstanding!

BE Increasing YOUR WEALTH.

Arrange a completely


sharing session.

Act now for a financially-free future.

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